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Profumerie Italia : Uma seleção das mais belas e perfumarias ù por toda a Itália. O pi ù perto de você na lista de busca e manter-se atualizado sobre à notícia no campo da moda e estética. O Reino indiscutível de cuidados de beleza cabelo e corpo, perfumes são um dos prazeres das mulheres mas sempre pi ù sem que também muitas vezes os homens não querem fazer. Requintado e elegante, esportivo e aventureiro e pi pi de ù ù hoje procurada fragrâncias teria por mulheres, que podem ser encontradas em perfumarias em toda a Itália. Mas mesmo o homem torna-se uma cada vez mais assíduo frequentador ù perfumaria, em busca de água de Colónia ou fragrâncias que lhe dará um pouco ù extra para se destacar. E em perfumaria são outras ferramentas para cuidar de seu corpo, cabelo e beleza, para não passar despercebido: cheats, cremes, manicure e outros cosméticos que são boas alternativas para o salão de cabeleireiro ou salão de beleza, esperando talvez para marcar uma consulta. Em todas as perfumarias, grandes cadeias ou familiar de pequenas lojas bem como uma ampla seleção de perfumes, água de Colónia e aftershaves as melhores marcas, você também vai encontrar uma grande variedade de bijuterias: pulseiras, colares, anéis. Visite a beleza de Roma, ou Veneza e você vai ficar claro que a essência que lhe convier, desde que doce e frutado, ù pi pi ù forte e sensual. Escolha seu pi ù reflete seu jeito de ser, ou alterna fragrâncias dependendo da ocasião: um buquê de flores para o dia e uma mistura de essências que são uma reminiscência do Oriente para a noite.

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18 Jan 19

Gonzalo Zarauza


New Rules Collection rescues the “mullet” style cut popularized by David Bowie in the late 70s and which spread like wildfire in the 1980s. The mullet style is characterized by shorter hair on the inside of the head and more long in the perimeter. New rules in fashion allow transforming styles of the past, relaunching them as an innovative trend. New Rules Collection recreates a very Eighties aesthetic with nostalgia for those years, but from the perspective of the 21st century.

Collection: New Rules
Ph: Eneritz Medina
Make-up: Marian Ruiz del Olmo @ Centro Beta
Retouche: Javier Villalabeitia
Hair Assistant: Laura Irure @ Centro Beta


18 Jan 19

Olga GarcÍa


Let’s go back to the 80′s! But … To the most punk 80’s ! Although the beginning of the punk era dates back to the 70s, it was in the 80s when we saw it in all its splendour. A time that the hairstylist lived with a lot of intensity, full of fun, colours, rebelliousness and … a lot of music. After the hippie fashion, which consisted of looking as natural as possible, with long hair, little makeup and no bra, came the 70s and 80s accompanied by a fashion that visually suggested the opposite: short and dyed hair, makeup and clothes with elements that suggested rebellion to the established. It is true that, initially, the punks already cut their hair leaving it in its minimum expression and dyed it. But, in the 80s the looks began to be exaggerated and intensified: cuts with peaks held with gels, or the Mohican style, shaved, almost white dyes or bright colours reigned of punk’s hair. The hairstylists wanted to recover those manes to curly layers with fringes and with a lot of colour. In short, to take that punk crazy time to 2018 and … let’s get even crazier, going through Chanel ! The colour is worked in pastel colours to create more sophistication. Cuts are radically unstructured so that the locks of hair have a life of their own and protrude in disorder, forming a perfect structure in the cut, and collapse soft and dishevelled towards the face.

Collection: Dex 80
Ph: David Arnal
Make-up: Wilder Rodríguez
Stylist: Aaron Gil


17 Jan 19


BEAUTY BAZAR FASHION è lo short magazine
dedicato alla moda-capelli di tendenza e
H&CO MAN LAB, noto Salone di Visnadello (TV),
si è aggiudicato la copertina di questo numero !

H&CO MAN LAB è un salone dedicato anche alla bellezza maschile.
Troviamo una sala barba dove poter vivere in relax l’antico rituale
della rasatura, una sala hair più vivace, dedicata al mondo capelli uomo
e per finire la ciliegina sulla torta: l’area estetica.

Sfoglia la rivista online !

Visita il salone di H&CO MAN LAB
Via F. Baracca, 2 - Visnadello (TV) - Italia
Tel. 0422 928643 - 347 0951394

17 Jan 19

Mayte Garrote


Note Collection is inspired by the importance of small details. The hairstylists have created a fashion collection that can be taken to a party or event. An image with avant-garde notes and nuances for those who bet to get away from the usual, being somewhat more daring, without reaching excess. The particular and suggestive detail that makes the difference and breaks with the routine.

Collection: Note
Ph: David Arnal
Make-up: José Luís Blasco
Stylist: Aaron Gil Llacer
Hair Assistant: Erika Poveda


17 Jan 19

Jose Urrutia


The force of the wind is the inspiration for this collection, a force that shapes the hair to it’s liking, which faces a strong and unstoppable woman. A fight of two forces as old as time.

Collection: Black
Ph: Jose Urrutia
Make-up: Anabel Larrauri
Stylist: Karmen Ramírez
Retoucher: Javier Villalabeitia


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